Here Are The 5 Best News Apps For Android And iOS Smartphones

     Mornings do not start without a newspaper for most people. However, with the digital revolution, paper from the word newspaper is getting lost somewhere. If you can do anything on a smartphone, then why not read newspaper in it itself. Many people have taken up the habit of reading news online on their smartphone itself. Not many people have the time to relax and send back home to read newspapers. The morning starts with a sort of panic, for most of the office going people. Hence, we have listed down the best news apps for Android and IOS smartphones which will help you to catch up the latest headlines anytime and anywhere.

Best News Apps For Android & iOS

1. Apple News

This is one of the best news apps which comes pre-installed in iOS devices. You you will find all the latest news and updates from leading sources Like The New York Times and National geography on this application. However, you should keep the app updated to get the latest features. The only downside of this application is that it is not available for Android users. Hence, if you are an IOS user, you do not have to worry about finding the best news for your device.

2. Google News

Google news is probably the best news app for both Android and IOS smartphones. This is because of the obvious reason that the sources are not limited. Google will find out the best of news from the entire web applications and list them down one by one for you. Actually, the Google news app works like a compilation of different news websites and apps. You will find news from different sources which will be mentioned at the bottom. All the news are taken out from leading websites like the economic times and New York Times. Moreover, the Google news app shows you recommended news on its own.

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3. Microsoft News

It was formerly known as MSN news. Just like Google news, Microsoft news collects all the data from it’s Bing platform. You can read all the headlines why simply opening easy to use application. It is a lite application which will help you to explore each and every category news. You can choose the category of news you prefer to read every morning. It main includes gently used along with technology and science or business and corporates. The application is available for both Android and IOS users. Hence, you can choose Microsoft news as a news app for your smartphone.

4. The New York Times App

The New York Times application is one of the most trusted and big names in the news industry. The reliance of people on the sources of the New York Times is not something new. Moreover, the application has a complete package of latest news and updates. You you will get all the breaking news via the flash alert. Additionally, The New York Times application is one of the fastest places where you can find all the breaking news from time to time. This news as an integrated into other applications like Apple news, Google news, and Microsoft news.

5. BBC App

The BBC application is one of the most trusted news networks in the world. No one has ever shouted on the news which is printed by BBC. It is one of the leading news agency in the entire world. All news and updates are updated from time to time on the application. Additionally, it is not limited to general news, it is not limited to general news, you can select the category of news you want to read and get started with the latest publications. Hence, you can download the BBC apps on your Android or iOS smartphone.

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