Google’s RCS Is Now Rolling Out In France And United Kingdom

Google's RCS Is Now Rolling Out In France And United Kingdom

             On 17 June 2019, Google made a big change in its plan of Rich Community Service. Earlier, they had plant to wait for the carriers to complete the integration procedure so that everyone could have a taste of the service. But now Google has decided to go out on their own and give a taste of RCS to the users without waiting for the carriers. Yes, you read that right. Google has planned to launch RCS ok its own.

As promised, Google has officially launched the RCS service. It has already been launched for France and the United kingdoms. The service is rolling out in both countries. RCS is going to be available on all the pixel devices with immediate effect and it is also going to come on some upcoming smartphones like OnePlus 7 5G.

So how to check if the service is already available for your device? Just open the default message application and click on the three dots on the right-hand side top corner of the screen. There will be a chat option if the service is already enabled for your device. There is an indicator which shows if you are connected or not.

Users can also control all the features that they want to activate or deactivate from this part of the messaging application. It includes all the features like reading recipient, send and receive the message and auto-downloading files. It is completely similar to social messaging applications like WhatsApp and iMessages.

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Rich Community Services (RCS) is the modern day chat service which is going to completely replace the conventional SMS. Google has been working on the technology with several career partners for a long time. They wanted to rule out the conventional ways of chatting and wanted to give a social messaging experience even without the internet. So, users can chat with each other and get real-time features which are available in WhatsApp and other messaging applications.

It is basically a cross-carrier protocol service which will require integration. Google is actively working on the service to provide then on the Google messaging application found on the Android devices by default. Hence, you can now witness the revolutionary chat option on devices in the United kingdoms and France. However, you will have to wait for a few more time if you are residing in some other country. It is because the expansion plan is not up yet.

It is good to see that Google has followed its words and has rolled out the RCS for France and the United Kingdom so fast. However, there is no official communication regarding the expansion of the service to other countries. We have no clue which country will be receiving the service next. Hence, it’s all about waiting as of now.

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