First Premier Credit Card: Everything You Need To Know Right Now!

       A first Premier Bank credit card is known for a special reason in the market. It is not an ordinary credit card which helps you to make money on Credit. Rather it is a special credit card which will help you in rebuilding your poor credit history. Maybe you have gone from of financially unstable phase and have defaulted many credit card bills. This default adds up to your credit score and brings them down considerably. Hence, you will have to rebuild this poor credit score in order to get a credit card in the future. A first Premier Bank credit card is a one-step solution which will help you in this matter.

This one-step solution is easy but not cheap. It will cost you a good sum of money to rebuild your credit score using the first premier Bank credit card. Hence, you can apply for this credit card even if you have a bad credit history. However, you will be charged much more than an ordinary credit card. But you can regard this extra expense as your own mistake and a fee to improve this mistake.

What is a First Premier Bank Credit Card?

A first Premier Bank credit card is simply a credit card or a MasterCard which can be used just like any other card. However, there will be a certain credit limit on these cards. Moreover, the interest rate is much more than a normal credit card. You need to apply online for this credit card. The bank typically replies to the application within few minutes. You can check the status of approval. If approved, you will see the credit limit and it can be as low as $300. Moreover, you will have to pay a one-time fee for enrolling in the program. Additionally, the first interest rate will be 36%.

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Features of First Premier Bank Credit Card

  • You can use this credit card at any place where master cards are accepted for payment.
  • Get instant approval of your application from the bank.
  • the best part about this credit card is that it can be availed by people who have a bad credit history.
  • Hence, the credit card will help you and rebuilding your credit score. You just have to pay the bills on time.
  • You get an exemption from the fees if your credit your credit limit is quite low.

Charges and other Fees

Usually, the maintenance fees for the first year is very high and may soar up to 125$. However, you will not have to pay this face every year. The maintenance fees amount will keep on decreasing every year as your credit score improves. Moreover, random monthly fees are also deducted from your account which will further decrease your credit limit. Hence, you should be financially aware of all the charges beforehand.

First Premier Bank Credit Card: Suggestions

A first premier Bank credit card is a great choice in case you want to rebuild your credit history. However, you should keep in mind that these credit cards should not be used for general purposes. Hence, you should terminate the usage of this credit card once you think your credit score has improved enough to get a credit card from normal Bank. Moreover, the credit card has a very high interest rate. Hence, you must be aware of all the fees and rates that you are charged monthly and yearly.

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In case you do not have any credit score issues, do not go for this credit card. This is because of the very high interest rate that you have to pay. Moreover, if you are not able to repay all time, it well deeply worsen your credit score.

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