Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Services Restored After Facing Global Outage For 9 Hours

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Services Restored After Facing Global Outage For 9 Hours

                 Facebook, in a press release, said that the company has restored 100% service of its subsidiaries, WhatsApp and Instagram. This follows the global outage faced by social messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram.

All the indicators showed that all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were down since 3rd July afternoon. Users across the world faced a lot of issues while surfing through social media applications. The problem started with WhatsApp and soon the effect spread to other platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

WhatsApp and Instagram are completely owned by Facebook and all the three platforms crashed across the globe. The social media platforms exploded with the outrage of users. They phased difficulties while downloading and sending images on WhatsApp and uploading stories on Instagram. It was one of the major outages faced by Facebook.

The service was down across the globe for all the three platforms for more than 9 hours, making it one of the biggest outages faced by the company. Later in the day, Facebook tweeted and accepted that their servers were facing some issue and that it would be resolved soon. They also apologized to the customers who are facing image browsing issues across the three platforms.

Reportedly, the server issue started in the United Kingdom and soon spread over two most South Asian countries and other parts of the world. By evening, the server of WhatsApp and Instagram was not responding across the world, attracting global attention.

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Speaking to the media houses, a person familiar with the matter said that a regular maintenance operation triggered a bug which from where did the users to spend and download media files across the three platforms. The similar issue was reported on messenger as well.

Curiously, Twitter also faced some issues on Wednesday. Users not being able to send messages to each other for a few hours. However, the issue was resolved yesterday itself as the company to tweeted.

Hashtags like #FacebookDown, #WhatsappDown what’s trending on Twitter as well as Facebook in the evening. However, the users were being able to share things and message each other in plain text. There was an issue only with sending and downloading pictures across the three platforms.

The outage affected users as well as businesses. Multiple technical glitches have been reported earlier in this week by giant Tech companies like Google, slack and a few others. Seems that some major global issue has been triggered on the servers.

However, Facebook has told the customers that the service has been restored a hundred percent. You can now check the features which were not working or disabled yesterday. The three platforms were down for more than 9 hours which had a deep impact on the users.

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