Doctor Sleep: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Other Things About The Movie

Doctor Sleep- Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Other Things About The Movie

Doctor Sleep Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer: Doctor Sleep is written and directed by Mike Flanagan. The horror drama stars Ewan McGregor who is playing the role of Dan Torrance is a man with psychic powers who struggles with alcoholism and helps a young girl take on a cult that feeds of the children with all psychic powers. Doctor Sleep is the horror drama which is based on the 2013 novel having the same name by Stephen King which is a sequel to ‘ The Shining’. Warner Brothers have dished out the official trailer on Thursday. The trailer clip is a visual treat for all those who have watched the first part and have also read King’s novel. This article reveals much information about whatever we know about this chilling horror tale ahead of the film’s release of this winter.

Release Date of The Movie

Doctor Sleep will be making its premiere in theaters on November 8, 2019.

The Plot of the Movie

According to Warner, the official synopsis reads that Don Torrance finally founds some semblance of peace after so much fight. He was still irrevocably scarred by the trauma which he endured during his childhood. The peace gets shattered when he encounters a teenager called Abra. She is a courageous girl with her own powerful extrasensory gift which is known as the ‘Shine’. Abra realizes that Dan shares the same abilities and pleads for his help against the merciless Rose, the hat and her followers. The True Knot who feed off the shine of innocents in their quest of immortality. The pair form an unlikely alliance and gets indulged in a do or die battle with Rose.

The Cast of Doctor Sleep

Ewan McGregor will be playing the role of Dan Torrance who is a man with psychic powers known as “the shine”. His character has first appeared as a child in the 1980s ‘The Shining’ which is played by Danny Lloyd.  Rebecca Ferguson who is from Mission Impossible : Fallout portrays Rose, a member of the cult that feeds on the powers of children with all psychic powers. Kyleigh Curran stars as the Abra Stone, Carl Lumbly, Zahn McClarnon, Emily Alyn Linmd, Bruce Greenwood, Joceline Donahue, Ale Essoe and the Cliff Curtis will round up the rest of the cast. Doctor Sleep is written and directed by Mike Flanagan who has directed by Ouija: Origin of Evil and The Haunting of Hill House and the Hush.

The Trailer of the Movie

One of the most notable things in the trailer is that it has revealed some of the characters which are mentioned in the books while also juxtaposing bits of the original movie’s footage. There are so many references to Stanley Kubrick’s movie. Ferguson’s Rose is so enough to terrify and the trailer now sees a grownup Danny Torrance(Ewan McGregor) who helps a young girl who has all the same psychic powers he does.

News Relating  To Doctor Sleep And Other Facts

If we talk about the film director Flanagan told that the movie Collider is an adaptation of the novel ‘Doctor Sleep’. This is a Stephen King’s sequel to his novel The Shining. But this movie also exists very much in the Cinematic Universe Kubrick which has established in his adaptation of ‘The Shining’.

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