Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Trailer, Release Date, Storyline And All You Need To Know

            Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: The 4th installment of Call of Duty has officially been announced by the developers. The all-new game is going to be launched soon and the fans can’t just wait for it. Call of Duty has been a massive name in the gaming industry and the players might be aware of how great gamers. So are you excited about Call of Duty 4th edition? There awesome amazing changes that are coming in this new installment of the game. Hence, we have listed down all the information related to the release date and storyline below.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Release Date

The game has been officially announced and the trailer is already out. So what is the exact date of Call of Duty 4th edition? Well, the game is going to be launched in 2019 itself. It is believed that the game will be out in the second half of this year.  The exact date is guessed to be 26th October 2019. Hence, you just have to wait for two more months in order to get the new game on your device. It will be launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox.


The trailer of the games is finally out and it depicts the new storyline. It also reviews some of the new characters which will be included in the fourth edition of Call of Duty. The developers have already made it clear that the game is not going to be a sequel of the previous versions. Rather, it is going to be a re-imagining of the series. A  of new characters are going to be introduced in the new version of the game and the storyline has also been made completely bus. It has been more than 2 months since the trailer has been launched and you must watch it to get the basic understanding of the new gameplay and the graphics.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Storyline

The developers have already disclosed that the gameplay will be extremely realistic and will not be based on imaginations. A glimpse of the new storyline can be seen in the trailer of the Game. Being a modern warfare game, we can expect the developers to include extremely modernized weapons and other products. There will be a bunch of new weapons which will be influenced by modern technology.

Besides, it is expected that the game will start with the terrorist attack which will possibly take place in London. Hence, the storyline of the game is going to be really interesting and the friends are eagerly waiting for more details. However, more details will be out only once the game is released officially.

Season Pass

The traditional season pass system has been ruled out in COD Modern Warfare. There will be no season pass and this is good news for most gamers. The developers have confirmed that the season pass will not exist in the fourth installment of Call of Duty because the gameplay is unique.

COD Modern Warfare Modes

The single-player mode of the game is going to be really interesting because a lot of new features are being added. The player will have to complete a lot of tasks and mission. All of them will be present in European cities. The players will be facilitated with modern guns and weapons. We do not have much idea about the multiplayer mode but it will be there for sure. Both classic multiplayer and co-operation will be present in the game. Hence, the new installment of COD is going to be really fun and we will be tracking the game for frequent updates. So stay tuned and keep an eye for the latest updates.

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