Black Shark 2 vs Razer Phone 2: Which Is The Best Gaming Smartphone?

             Black Shark 2 vs Razer Phone 2: Razer has been developing gaming hardware and is nearly enjoying a Monopoly in the western market. There are a very limited number of competition for the company which includes smartphones like the Asus ROG phone. However, Black Shark 2 is going to disturb the Monopoly of Razer in the Western market. Black Shark has already made its name in the homeland of China and is now going to hit the western market. Its direct impact will be faced by Razer. Hence, we have compared Black Shark 2 vs Razer Phone 2, to find out the best gaming smartphone. So let’s find out the next device you should buy for gaming.

Black Shark 2 vs Razer Phone 2

In our comparison of Black Shark 2 vs Razer Phone 2


Gaming Smartphone is known for its special designs. They are generally different than the normal smartphones available in the market. The Razer Phone 2 has a flat rectangular design. The rear part is plain and glossy with a Razer log at the top. On the other hand, Black Shark 2 has a solid and stylish design with a metal framework which makes it look like a typical gaming smartphone. Both the devices lack an iris-based face unlock, however, both have a quick fingerprint reader. Besides, both the devices have wiped out the 3.5 mm earphone jack which is somewhat essential for a gaming smartphone. The USB type c port acts as an adaptor for the headphones. The adaptor is provided along with the smartphone for free.

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Razer Phone has a 5.72 inches IPS LCD display with quad HD resolution. The smartphone lacks a curved edge display and has a 16:9 aspect ratio. It looks conventional but there are not many concerns about the build quality. It has a 120 Hz rate which gives it a significant upper hand over the Black shark 2. The latter has a 60Hz rate only. Therefore, the display must be more prompt and quick on the Razer Phone 2.

Black Shark says that it’s useless to add a rate higher than 60hz as it would increase the expense unnecessarily. The resolution found on the Black Shark 2 is lesser than Razer, however, it has an AMOLED screen. Therefore, the resolution hardly matters. AMOLED is far better than a high-resolution LCD screen. It has a 6.39 inches screen, making it more favourable for comfortable gaming.


The Black Shark 2 is powered by the sizzling Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which you will find on all high-end devices these days. On the other hand, Razer Phone is powered by the conventional Snapdragon 845 processor. Moreover, the black shark is much advanced with a whopping 12GB RAM, while, Razer has an 8GB RAM. Therefore, you can imagine the difference in the performance of both devices. These specifications make one of the most advanced and Powerful smartphones. There is practically no device which can compete with Black Shark 2.

Price And Availability

If we compare to Black Shark 2 vs Razer Phone 2 in terms of price, you probably won’t believe it. In spite of the beast like specifications of Shark, it is much cheaper than Razer Phone 2. Black shark 2 lower version having a 6GB Ram and 128 GB ROM is available for just 360 pounds. The 12GB RAM model is also inexpensive and retails at just 475 pounds. On the other hand, Razer Phone 2 has been priced at whopping 779 pounds even after low specifications. Razer Phone is available in the UK. However, Black Shark 2 is a China Exclusive product and not available anywhere else the company is in talks to launch it in the UK and USA within 2 to 3 months.

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Black Shark 2 vs Razer Phone 2: Conclusion

In our comparison of Black Shark 2 vs Razer Phone 2, we found out that Black Shark 2 wins by a very big Margin. Moreover, there is no doubt when we say that Black Shark 2 is one of the most powerful gaming Smartphone made.

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