A Son of Man Review : Treasure, Forest, And A Stranger Father!

 Planning to watch “A Son of Man” this weekend with your friends? If yes, then we aren’t going to spoil your plan but would like to talk about its pros and cons. A movie like “A Son of Man” shouldn’t just release and go without any attention because of the good approach by the makers. Even, the director Jamaicanoproblem is looking very satisfied with his work and he shared a positive perspective about the movie.  We aren’t going to spoil the story but would really like to describe the relation and vision it brings to the viewers through the display.

First of all, all the people who are thinking that “A Son of Man” is only about the treasure hunting then you are wrong. You can call it a biographical drama with some emotional cinema and some scenes might go deeper with you as the movie grows. Now, the movie follows a certain curse and it shows the power of nature and it will definitely grow bigger in cinema.

A Son of Man Storyline-

You’ll see this movie from the perspective of a young boy who is studying in a college but life changes from him when he gets a letter from his stranger dad.  Well, in the letter he reads that his father is somewhere in a forest and he wants him to join his amazing adventures treasure hunter. The story doesn’t end here even it is a beginning and it takes more than 1 hour to explain what is really going on with these two people (father & Son).

We aren’t saying the screenplay is bad but we think the direction work is very slow and should move faster with the first phase. Don’t worry, you’ll not get bored if you are a fan of something different like this but eventually, the movie will lead you somewhere you might want to go. Yes! Here we are talking about the deep forest where the curse is running the life of his father and the son is trying to understand everything.

A Son of Man Review-

The makers are claiming that “A son of a Man” is a true story which makes it even better for the people who think that their life is complicated. “A son of a man” might attract some adventures people because it has everything good for them. Also, you might find the Spanish version of Indiana Jones in the movie because the “Father” character is so weird and he sometimes resembles the “Indiana Jones”.

A Son of Man Cast & Crew-

Now, if we talk about the cast and crew then you all should know that “A Man of Son” is produced by a Paracas Independent Films. Also, the movie is featuring Luis Felipe Fernandez-Salvador y Campodonico, Luis Felipe Fernandez-Salvador y Bolona, Lily Aimee Juliette Van Ghemen, and Fernando Cunuhay Yanchapaxi in the important roles. You’ll see the fines direction work of Jamaicanoproblem, and Pablo Aguero

Some other producers are Gustavo Santaolalla, Guillermo Navarro, Guillaume Rocheron, and Robert Blalack. Editing work is weak still we think the editor Thomas Fernandez did his best. Art is missing in the movie but you can say that art director Alicia Herrera tries hard. We aren’t just saying that the movie has all the weak point we think that it has something different. The makers will teach you that Treasure doesn’t always mean gold/ diamond or something precious. Treasure can be finding the unknown.

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