6 Best Cryptocurrency News Websites You Should Visit Right Now!

6 Best Cryptocurrency News Websites You Should Visit Right Now!

  If you are a blockchain investor or trader, you might know the importance of news in daily life. Even if you follow the share market, the news is one of the most important things you need in your life. A day without news is like a deadly risk for every trader and investor. Most newspapers do not have news related to blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency news is rarely found on official news channels. Therefore we are up with a list of top cryptocurrency news websites which you should have a bookmark right now.

Getting news updates regularly is very important for traders and investors in the cryptocurrency market. We all know how a single news can impact the market. It can be either tremendous or disastrous. To may your possessions safe news place a very important role. And so does a proper news site. By proper we mean, a website which is specifically meant for the topic, like cryptocurrency news. It should give you trusted news, big or small at the right time. Besides, you should also be up to date with the latest ICOs in the market. But you don’t have to search around for such websites. This is because we are up with a list of 6 best cryptocurrency news websites, which you should follow right now.

6 Bes Cryptocurrency News Websites


It is a Paradise for cryptocurrency investors and traders. This is the best cryptocurrency news website you will ever find. Get each and every news related to the blockchain technology from coindesk. It is a complete blockchain dedicated news website. The Parent company of coindesk is a very big blockchain investor. Hence, we understand how dedicated their team is. It is the most trusted and most visited website by cryptocurrency traders and investors.

2. CoinTelegraph

This cryptocurrency news website seems great for people having a diverse portfolio. The website depicts news of all categories, be it General or of a specific token. It reports for a wide variety of the tokens, which helps customers having a diverse portfolio in the cryptocurrency market to remain updated.

3. Bitcoin.com

You will find the most up-to-date articles related to cryptocurrency on this website. No wonder, it remains in the list of top 5 websites, in term of the visitor’s count. Unlike the name suggests, the website has news content for all coins. However, this site has been in controversies for its biased articles on Bitcoin cash

4. Cryptovest

Cryptovest is a platform where you’ll find all the latest news on the blockchain technology. For instance, it has got all the latest listing of ICOs. The editors also put forth their opinion on a specific initial coin offering. Cryptovest is very famous because of its ICO news. It also marks some ICOs as fraud, which saves investors. Besides, get all news related to tokens. Cryptovest is one of the very famous cryptocurrency news websites.

5. CCN

Another top and best cryptocurrency news website in our list. Started in 2013, the website changed its name to CCN. It is mostly focused on Bitcoins related news. To make the work of an investor easier, it shows specific graphs and Statistics to display the market condition. This seems to be very helpful and gives a better understanding of the market condition.

6. Cryptoslate

This is a relatively new cryptocurrency news website. However, in terms of traffic that has left Behind many big websites. This shows how good that content is. You will find all the articles related to Bitcoins as well as altcoins. Capital Slate is also known for its regular recommendation and trade call for traders. You can also find the ICO news on this website. Perhaps this is all in one website for cryptocurrency news.

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