North Korea Launches New Missile Test

North Korea has carried out a new ballistic missile test, according to
the South Korean media.

The missile was fired from Pyongan province on Wednesday morning, local time, the South Korean press agency Yonhap said, adding that the South Korean and US military were analyzing the data.

Seoul reported Tuesday signs of activity on a North Korean missile base, while Pyongyang had not fired since September 15.

We still do not know the distance traveled by the missile. It is also not known whether it has crossed over Japan, as was the case for other missiles fired by North Korea earlier this autumn.

A few hours before the shooting, Seoul reported Tuesday signs of activity on a North Korean missile base. A missile tracking radar was put into service on Monday on an unidentified North Korean base and telecom traffic intensified, according to a government source quoted by Yonhap.

“It is true that active movements have been detected on a North Korean missile base,” said the source. Signals like those spotted on Monday were detected frequently. ”

The Japanese government was also on alert after it detected radio signals that fears missile firing, Kyodo said.

End of hope?

On September 3, North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test, the most powerful to date, which according to the North Korean authorities was a bomb H small enough to equip a missile.

On September 15, less than a week after the United Nations adopted an eighth round of sanctions, Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile over Japan over a distance of 3700 kilometers, according to Seoul.

The lack of a missile test since September 15 raised the hope that harsher UN sanctions would bear fruit.

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