Fleeing Elk in New Brunswick Spark Concern For Motorists

Free-ranging elk between Campbellton and Dalhousie are the cause of an accident Thursday evening, raising concerns for the safety of motorists.

A van from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) struck two elk on Thursday night.

The accident occurred in northern New Brunswick on Highway 11 at Dalhousie Junction. Traces of elk are still visible on the vehicle.

The animals on the run are part of a breeding owned by Normand Levesque of McKendrick. His daughter, Kary Levesque, explains that the wire of the electric fence has been severed. The animals were able to escape.

Kary Levesque used social media to denounce the lack of help his father receives from wildlife officers.

“We do not have help. It’s not like a dog, you can not whistle. It does not come back that way, “she says.

Kary Levesque even says that some officers have threatened to kill all the elk and throw them into the forest if the situation is not quickly restored. These allegations were refuted by Campbellton Natural Resources Office Manager Bruno Pelletier.

“It’s not Natural Resources’ mandate to slaughter farm animals,” says Pelletier.

Of the fifteen or so elk released at the start, there are still seven left off, the others having either been shot down or killed in the collision.

RCMP recommends that motorists be alert to animals and contact the authorities if they see elk on the road.

These animals were noticed between Highways 11, 134 and 280 in the Dundee and Dalhousie Junction community area.

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