Sobeys To Lay Off 800 Workers Across Canada

Grocery store chain Sobeys will abolish up to 800 jobs across the country to reduce costs.

The company that runs the IGA and Safeway stores wants to reduce its office staff by nearly 20 percent to digital, according to The Globe and Mail.

The layoffs that would be announced internally Friday are part of its massive restructuring project that aims to cut $500 million a year in two years. Last May, NB Post Gazette reported that New Brunswick would not be spared the cuts.

It was revealed that Sobeys management planned to record significant severance, relocation, retraining, minor systems development and third party support costs in the 2017 and 2018 quarters.

Sobeys has been suffering for several quarters from its $5.8 billion acquisition of Safeway in Western Canada in 2013.

Still, the company continued to invest in its operations, including online sales, to conquer a rapidly changing retail market, according to Michael Medline, Chief Executive Officer of the company. .

“We have a lot of things to do,” said Medline Thursday, noting that the company was working hard “to develop an e-commerce solution that will allow the company to have a leading position in the country. e-commerce “.

Sobeys is hopeful of catching up in almost every aspect of its business, including product offering, pricing and marketing.

In addition to the banner that bears his name, Sobeys is also the owner of IGA, Bonichoix, Marchés Tradition and Rachelle Béry. In Quebec, Sobeys owns several distribution centers and an administrative center in the city.

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