Moose On The Loose: OPP Warn Motorists To Keep An Eye Out

Police are warning motorists in Markham, a suburb of Toronto, about the presence of a moose that could cross Highway 7 in the area on Friday afternoon.

Police officers and the Ministry of Natural Resources are tracking the animals movements remotely, using a drone.

The animal is no longer close to Highway 404, according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), but authorities are concerned that he is trying to cross a road again.

The moose was seen in the morning in a residential area, narrowly avoiding vehicles, as well as near the Buttonville airfield.

Authorities describe the presence of the moose in an urban area as  “very unusual” and are worried about the the safety of the animal.

We keep an eye on him to make sure he does not return to the road and endanger the public.

Kerry Schmidt, Ontario Provincial Police Spokesperson

An animal of this size could cause serious injury or death to motorists in the event of a collision, says OPP spokesman Kerry Schmidt.

Death of exhaustion

Conservation officers and OPP are trying to  get the moose to stop running and calm down — so they can get close enough to tranquilize it.

Otherwise, the authorities fear that he will die of exhaustion or be caught by a vehicle.

“We do not want to hurt the animal and we do not want a member of the public to be hurt,” says Schmidt.

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