Quebec To Quadruple Fine For Using Cell Phones While Driving

The Quebec government plans to quadruple the penalties for cell phone use while driving in its upcoming reform of the Highway Safety Code.

According to a document obtained by Cogeco News, the fine will increase to between $300 and $400 depending on the seriousness of the offense. Currently, fines range from $80 to $100 and four demerit points are on the offender’s driver record.

In the new Highway Safety Code, however, there would be no addition of demerit points.

If Quebec adopted such sanctions, their severity would be closer to those found in Ontario and British Columbia.

Cogeco News adds that the Minister of Transport, André Fortin, does not intend to impose technical means such as jammers to prevent the use of the phone while driving.

The Société de l ‘assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) believes that talking on cell phones leads to four times the risk of an accident while texting while driving increases it by 20 times.

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