Le Trou du diable Microbrewery Sold to Molson Coors

Six Pints ​​Specialty Beer Company, a division of the giant Molson Coors Canada, is buying Shawinigan’s Le Trou du diable microbrewery .

The transaction includes the Wabasso plant located on Shawinigan’s Station Street and the Le Trou du diable trademark. However, it excludes the brew pub on Willow Street.

The brewing activities of the microbrewery will continue independently. For the moment, the sale and distribution of products to retailers who deal with Le Trou du diable will continue to be handled internally by his team. The same is true for the company’s suppliers as well as the sports, cultural, social and community partnerships that are maintained.

By partnering with Six Pints, our microbrewery wanted to give itself the means of its ambitions. This group decision will allow Trou du devil to reach its full potential and ensure its sustainability in a tightening market.
Isaac Tremblay, President and Director of Business Development for The Devil’s Hole Microbrewery

The founders will remain in office, as will employees at the microbrewery and employees of the Shop du Trou du diable, located at 1250 de la Station Avenue, Shawinigan.

he announcement of this partnership is a first step that will be followed by the development of an integration plan. Possible avenues for sales, distribution and event partnerships will be explored during this process.

“With the Creemore Springs microbrewers, Granville Island Brewing Company and Brasseur de Montréal, we have developed a unique expertise to support our partners in their growth while respecting their autonomy and their entrepreneurial spirit. We’ll do the same with Devil’s Hole, “says Sandra Gagnon, Senior Manager, Marketing, Six Pints.

Le Trou du diable opened in 2005 in Shawinigan. Over the years, the company has brewed nearly 150 beers. Several have distinguished themselves in national or international competitions. The microbrewery’s products are distributed in more than 1,000 points of sale in Canada, the United States and Europe .

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