For sale: private island in New Brunswick

It seems like a real bargain: a 100-hectare island with two houses and several private beaches, in the breathtaking Bay of Fundy, all for less than the price of a single house in Toronto or Vancouver.

But the Quebec family who decided to sell Cheney Island has not yet found a buyer. She decided to reduce the cost to $850,000, compared to $920,000 before, after two years on the market.

Cheney Island straddles the border between Quebec and New Brunswick, close to Grand Manan Island. If geographically located in New Brunswick, it is actually closer to the United States than to Canada.

“It is so vast that there are different sectors. There are sandy beaches, rocky beaches and cliffs, said real estate agent Dan Webster. If we just talk about the waterfront and the total area, it’s a boon. When we compare with what we would pay for something similar on Grand Manan Island or the mainland, it’s a robbery. ”

Cheney Island offers spectacular views and ample privacy in waters known for their dolphins and whales. It is powered by NB Power Power.

Quebec owners have spent their summers there since the 1970s.

“The extended family has decided that it would be better to transfer the property to someone who will benefit in the same way,” said Webster.

The owners have reduced their price to boost interest, and it seems to work. Webster said he was contacted by potential buyers from Canada, the United States and even from abroad. “There are people who love the idea of ​​an island. It’s very impressive and there are no neighbors, is it? ”

Rustic houses

The houses are rustic: pictures show wood walls, a wood stove and thin carpets. There are however eight bedrooms, and taxes totaled $ 3463 in 2014.

The current owners have an agreement with a Grand Manan family that moves them by boat when necessary. The island is also accessible on foot or by mountain bike at low tide.

Both houses are near beaches, on the south shore of the island. Mr. Webster says there are cliffs in the north, and there are also fields and marshes in the island.

“It’s an ecosystem in itself,” he adds.

Webster says the island could be used by one buyer, if not sub-divided.

“I hope we’ll sell it soon,” he says.

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