Sears Canada Liquidation Sale A Massive Disappointment

Sears Canada began its liquidation sale on Thursday in all its stores across the country, but many consumers were disappointed with the discounts offered.

Although annalists advertised discounts of 20-50% – with a note that certain exceptions applied – relatively few products were offered at half price. The sale price of some high-value products, such as snow blowers and treadmills, was reduced by only 10%.

“For a closing sale, I would have thought that the discounts would be bigger. And maybe they will, as the closure approaches. And maybe by then, it’s all gone, “said Madeline Cameron, an 86-year-old customer who says she’s been shopping at Sears for 60-70 years.

After seeing dozens of consumers caught in long and slow queues at the cash desks, she decided to leave the store without buying anything.

“I can not wait long in the line (…) I could come early tomorrow morning. I would say the queues are perhaps half an hour, an hour long. ”

A joint venture – which includes Hilco Global, Gordon Brothers Canada, Tiger Capital Group and Great American Group – manages the liquidation sales of the 74 department stores and eight remaining Sears Décor stores. At the end of the liquidation, the retailer will definitively close its doors and will thus put an end to 65 years of activities.

“It’s pretty sad. We could always count on Sears to be a good competitor, and I think Kenmore is definitely a reliable brand … It’s going to be a loss, “said Karen Ottmann, a customer.

Discounts were offered on all Sears home brands, including Kenmore, as well as its men’s and women’s apparel brands, as well as a range of other categories of items including home décor, toys, furniture and appliances.

Some furniture and equipment belonging to the stores will also be on sale, the joint venture said.

Sears Canada gift cards will be accepted throughout the liquidation sale, the group added. However, with the start of the wind-up sale, Sears Canada stopped honoring its customers’ extended warranty plans.

“It’s bad, what happened here … I’m not happy with that. Some of my neighbors have extended warranty on appliances, so it will harm them, “said Joan Challis, another customer.

“Employees and the public will lose. But the headquarters, management, they will not lose anything, I do not think. I think they’re going to do well. ”

Liquidation sales for the 49 Sears appliance and mattress stores are expected to begin Thursday or soon, but rebates will vary, Sears Canada spokeswoman Joel Shaffer said.

Some products sold online have been identified as part of the wind-up sale, including a set of patio tables and chairs whose current price of $ 499.99 has been reduced to $ 299.95. However, this was not the case for all items sold online.

Sales are expected to continue for 10 to 14 weeks, until January. Sears Canada has synchronized its wind-up sale with the holiday shopping season to maximize value from its inventory.

The domestic retailer placed itself under court protection against its creditors in June, but was unable to find a buyer to allow it to continue its activities.

Sears Canada received last week’s court approval to proceed with its wind-up sale. A group led by former Executive President Brandon Stranzl had negotiated for weeks with Sears Canada in hopes of being able to redeem it and continue to exploit it. However, no agreement has been reached.

Stranzl resigned Monday from his position on the retailer’s board.

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